coatlesscarl does not claim to have made the original songs that these reproductions are based on. All work herein is simply fan art.

If you choose to use this work for your own purposes, attribution is not required but is appreciated.

All songs are organized by which game they are from or which game series they are from, and labelled 8-bit or 16-bit accordingly. In the event that the song is in a "Series" folder, the original game name can be found by viewing the 'Comments' id3 tag in a program that supports viewing the id3 tags.

Song organization and conversion done mostly by youtube user andrewphorn.

Tools used in conversion

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Name Description Size
ActRaiser Folder-
Castlevania (Series) Folder-
Chrono Trigger Folder-
Contra (Series)Folder-
F-Zero Folder-
Final Fantasy (Series) Folder-
Kirby Super Star Folder-
Legend of Zelda (Series) Folder-
Mario Kart (Series) Folder-
Mega Man X2 Folder-
Mega Man X3 Folder-
Mega Man X Folder-
Mother (Series)Folder-
Seiken Densetsu 3 Folder-
Starfox 2 Folder-
Super Bomberman 2 Folder-
Super Mario (Series) Folder-
Super Smash Bros. (Series) Folder-
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Series)Folder-
Xenoblade Chronicles Folder-
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